The world of virtual employment is a relatively new trend in human resources. This service allows our clients to directly hire professionally qualified and experienced building services (MEP) design and drafting staffs from JSE Engineering on a fixed monthly price.

Hiring employees to work from a virtual office will be of huge benefit to clients. These low cost dedicated virtual employees quickly become just another team member on a different phone extension. JSE Engineering understands the very unique requirements of MEP design and drafting engineering staff for MEP consultant and MEP contractors and has created perfect "Perfect Virtual Employee Service" to our clients. Our innovative business model ensures that always the right employees are fitted to the right job.



With us, Client gets a well qualified, professionally trained and experienced persons in building services (MEP) to work on client's regular project for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and client will be his virtual project manager during the said contract period. Moreover client doesn't have to worry about the abilities and knowledge of our employees. JSE is always ready to provide with our employees profiles and the projects they have worked ,as on request by our clients. Moreover, our Virtual Employees are experienced more than two years with international projects and are familiar with international standards.

Advantages of partnering with JSE Engineering for Virtual Employee service.

  • You open your own branch office in India at zero cost.
  • Depending on project size, you can increase your team size on hire basis with a 24 hours notice period.
  • Our monthly contracts for resources will free you from long term commitment.
  • Your virtual employees can work on the same office hours as your Time Zone.
  • You get the advantage of lower offshore salaries but without in any way losing control by sending work offshore.
  • Our project manager will always monitor from the background to ensure your needs are continuously met.
  • Clients can always coordinate with Virtual Employees by using Google Talk / Yahoo Messenger / Skype or by any medium said by client.
  • As and when required we also allow use of team viewer, Goto meeting and other screen sharing services on request by client.
  • NO additional investment for hardware and software when client wants to increase or decrease team size. NO payroll burden. NO infrastructure required. NO HR's needed...

Hire your MEP Team & Work remotely

The key point with our Virtual Employment services is that, just like local employees, you are in complete control and work directly with a virtual employee as well. You tell your virtual employee what to do, you can review their work and your virtual employee will follow only your instructions.

The term 'working remotely' need not sound daunting at all. In fact, working remotely with a virtual employee is so easy. Superior technology and the latest hardware have effectively bridged the perceived gap between you and your remote employee. Furthermore, our managers physically supervise your virtual employee at all times. This ensures that your virtual employee is working professionally, dedicatedly and following only your instructions.