The hotel market place is truly international, with clientele expecting similar standards of comfort and convenience as they travel worldwide, whether for leisure or for business. Our experienced teams of engineers and designers match these expectations with the skills essential to provide a hotel that meets the expectation of both guest and operator. Whether a fivestar luxury resort or a budget chain, we bring an integrated approach to every project that is based upon maximum efficiency of space, resources, energy and materials to provide places for travellers that exceed expectations in terms of quality,convenience and value for money. We explore all forms of construction, including modular and prefabrication, to deliverhotels that can be built and made operational as quickly as possible.

We know how essential it is to create hotels that work for guests and staff alike. Ease of access to main function areas and individual rooms is as essential as considering catering, maintenance and parking operations. Our wealth of experience in delivering technical and operational solutions that comply with local safety, fire and access regulations informs our thinking as we work worldwide to create destination hotels that clients return to time and again.

A few samples from the extensive range of projects which have been successfully designed by JSE ENGINEERING teams.